Friday, June 25, 2010

Support Building

The plan is coming together, and its raising some interest! Two brave friends have heard of my plans and will be joining me for the campout! Numerous others have also heard and will be dropping into Warner Lakes during the camp out. Further to that, the amazing people from Bold Properties have offered to visit and bring hot chocolate for those waiting! It's turning out to be quite an event.

Now, if only someone would sponsor the cost of the block. Anyone? :)


  1. Hey Dave!
    I live right around the corner..anything I can do to help?
    How will you and fellow campers go to the toilet?

  2. Hi Steffany!
    Feel free to come visit - I'll be updating this blog as the weekend progresses, so you'll know when I'm out there and what's happening! Boredom may be the number #1 enemy, so the more distractions, the better!

    As for the toilet question - yes, a very practical requirement indeed. Some very kind display home owners nearby have offered to assist! So hopefully that works out :)

    Thanks for your offer of help!