Thursday, June 24, 2010

High Stakes

So what's this blog all about anyway? I mean if you're buying land from an estate, don't you just walk into the sales office and make an offer? Well in this case... Not quite.

You see, stage 4 of 'The Landing' at Warner Lakes goes on sale this coming Monday the 28th June. Due to popularity, lots are sold on a first come, first served basis. The office opens at 10am on Monday, and first through the door gets first choice of all lots on offer.

After talking with Ben Burns, the very friendly sales agent for Warner Lakes, I was made aware that some people start lining up outside the sales office very early. And when I say 'early', I mean the night before!!!

So this is it. If I want the best chance at getting the block I'm after, I need to join the queue and camp the night outside the sales office. You've seen it for the iPhone. You've seen it for U2 tickets, and now it's my turn to brave the winter night for the opportunity to buy my very own piece of land at Warner Lakes!

I'm going to be blogging the whole experience live - leading up to, during, and after the weekend's craziness.

Will there be many others camping out for land? Will I be close enough to the front of the line to be in the running for my block? Will I get the land after all?

Stay tuned as I prepare :)

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