Monday, June 28, 2010

Done :)

Hooray :). Almost 48 hours after I first arrived at the Warner Lakes sales office, I finally have a block of land reserved with my name on it! I'm happy with the block and very relieved the whole process is over. Well, I guess the process has actually just begun, but at least this big step is over :)

Time for coffee and catching up on some lost sleep! Very soon I'll need to be back into building mode as I look at house plans :). The story continues...


  1. Congrats Dave. I live in a house just near the sales office, a tremendous effort to camp out for the two nights as it was a cold weekend. Look forward to hearing about your building experience as well. Who are you thinking of building with?

  2. Thanks Kolby. I hope we didn't make too much noise :) Looking at building with Bold Properties - they have been fantastic so far and I love their designs!