Monday, June 28, 2010

Done :)

Hooray :). Almost 48 hours after I first arrived at the Warner Lakes sales office, I finally have a block of land reserved with my name on it! I'm happy with the block and very relieved the whole process is over. Well, I guess the process has actually just begun, but at least this big step is over :)

Time for coffee and catching up on some lost sleep! Very soon I'll need to be back into building mode as I look at house plans :). The story continues...

It's almost time!

The office is open an hour early and the first couple in line are signing up for their land - yay! It's almost my turn! :). Excitement is building :)

Yaaaay!!! :)

Finally! It's monday morning!

Less than 4 hours and the campout is over :). W00t.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Well it's time for bed and tomorrow morning is the end of the long wait for land. I have my block waiting as do 9 others. Not long now. Its freezing tonight but I'm a little more prepared this time. Goodnight!

Night 2

And one sleep to go - yay! There's now 14 of us huddled on the deck in freezing cold wind. One couple has tried to shelter us from the wind by erecting a large tarp on the western side, but I'm not sure if it's accomplishing much more than sound like a giant sail flapping in the wind.

It doesn't really matter now - last night and I can then head home to my own familiar warm bed. Aaaah :).

A few Nexus folk will be visiting soon, a couple of them staying the night too, just for kicks. Although maybe the bitter cold will change their minds.

14 hours to go! w00t!


So it's almost night two and our numbers are growing. There's now around 12 campers on the deck of the display office and no doubt more to come.

Morning of day 2

Morning of day 2 and the happy campers are awake. I can't really say that sleeping on the deck is a ideal, but I managed to get at least some sleep. Just one more day and night to go :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Well it's time for bed on night one. Still a long wait until the monday morning release, but I'm in line and have effectively secured a nice block of land. Feels a little surreal at the moment - the thought that come Monday, I'll own a block of land.

Settling in with the others who are camping out and making friends with those who I guess will one day be my neighbours. We're expecting some more 'campers' to turn up tomorrow morning.

But for now, it's time to get some sleep. Goodnight :)

Night 1

Well its the beginning of night one. The sun's set and there's not much to do now. There's about 8 of us huddled on the deck of the sales office, with 4 lots reserved by those of us camping out.

I'm rather bored and a little lonely, but hopefully I'll get a good nights sleep and tomorrow will go quickly :). Its a bit of an adventure so I'm going to do my best to enjoy it :)

Home sweet home

This will be my home for the next 40 hours. Joy. :). Feels like it's going to be a cold night!

It's on: 41 Hours to go.

I've found another suitable block. Heck, it might even turn out to be better than the one I initially wanted - but it's in a good position and has elevation.

So here goes. The long wait begins - far earlier than I anticipated. I'm 4th in line with the others who will camp alongside me for the next two nights until the land release on Monday morning.

The long wait begins...

Challenge #1

OK. Disaster. Well, kind of. The block I wanted is already gone - people are camping out already. I didn't anticipate anyone would line up this early, so I'm rather thrown out now.

But overcoming that disappointment, there are two other possibly suitable blocks I'm considering. I have to find the balance between not rushing such a big decision, and not missing out on an opportunity.

Will I camp out 45 hours for another block, or will I give up on this release and hope something else turns up.

Time will tell.

Friday, June 25, 2010

48 hours until the campout!

Well it's friday night, just two sleeps to go until the campout. Sunday night may be a long cold sleepless night so I had better make the most of the next two sleeps!

I've started preparing. Deck chair ready. Umbrella ready. Esky and sleeping bag ready. BlackBerry and a spare battery ready to go.

I wonder if anyone else will be there in line too Sunday night? Or will people turn up early Monday? Time will tell.

Support Building

The plan is coming together, and its raising some interest! Two brave friends have heard of my plans and will be joining me for the campout! Numerous others have also heard and will be dropping into Warner Lakes during the camp out. Further to that, the amazing people from Bold Properties have offered to visit and bring hot chocolate for those waiting! It's turning out to be quite an event.

Now, if only someone would sponsor the cost of the block. Anyone? :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

High Stakes

So what's this blog all about anyway? I mean if you're buying land from an estate, don't you just walk into the sales office and make an offer? Well in this case... Not quite.

You see, stage 4 of 'The Landing' at Warner Lakes goes on sale this coming Monday the 28th June. Due to popularity, lots are sold on a first come, first served basis. The office opens at 10am on Monday, and first through the door gets first choice of all lots on offer.

After talking with Ben Burns, the very friendly sales agent for Warner Lakes, I was made aware that some people start lining up outside the sales office very early. And when I say 'early', I mean the night before!!!

So this is it. If I want the best chance at getting the block I'm after, I need to join the queue and camp the night outside the sales office. You've seen it for the iPhone. You've seen it for U2 tickets, and now it's my turn to brave the winter night for the opportunity to buy my very own piece of land at Warner Lakes!

I'm going to be blogging the whole experience live - leading up to, during, and after the weekend's craziness.

Will there be many others camping out for land? Will I be close enough to the front of the line to be in the running for my block? Will I get the land after all?

Stay tuned as I prepare :)


Welcome to my blog :)

In just a few short days, I will embark on a quest to buy my first block of land. Its been a long time coming but hopefully it's finally coming together.

I'm looking at the lovely Warner Lakes estate, in Warner, Queensland, Australia. It's a beautifully masterplanned estate by developer 'PEET'. With only a few land releases left, and only 17km from the city, it's quickly becoming a very sought after area.

Over the coming days I'll be blogging my advertures as I journey toward owning my very own piece of turf in the Warner Lakes estate.

Stay tuned :)



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