Monday, August 9, 2010

Loan and House update

I've received approval pending verification for my loan - hooray! Although I won't be able to sleep easy until I receive the formal offer of credit, just in case things still go wrong, but at least its looking promising!

In other news, I had my colour selections last Friday! Two hours of whirlwind pickings, but its done now and I'm happy with the selections. Once things start moving, I'll upload photos of the selections :)

I also went for a stroll along the recently opened lake near my land on the weekend - its really nice! Looking forward to afternoon jogs around the lake!

Still to come to this blog in the coming weeks: photos of my block, photos of colour selections and house plans! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The wait continues

So I'm still stuck in this waiting phase. Hopefully not much longer now! I'm expecting a call from the bank today with the result of my home loan application, so praying that all is well there.

Meanwhile everything is going well with the house. The floorplan is basically done, and I'm doing colour selection on Monday! I guess everything will start to speed up in pace one the building starts later this year.

Not long now.